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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Equity Index Update

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Brad Sullivan

The index markets chopped back and forth in a rather uneventful morning session before turning on the headlights and pushing to high contract closes in the SP and DJIA. Mr. Buffet and Buffet Jr. (Eddie Lampert) both made splashes with investment stakes in JNJ and C respectively. That news gave investors another reason to be buy stocks as the general assumption is that if two value oriented players are raising stakes in equity holdings, why not me? Amidst the buying in mega-caps came a sharp move lower in metal based commodities. It is worth noting that over the last three months there has been a “linked” move with these commodities and domestic indices. If the metals roll over…will equities follow? I hardly think it will be that smooth, however, this divergence is worth keeping close tabs on over the next few weeks.

Overall, the SPM market remains contained within a tight trading range…essentially 1518 to 1505 with some outside push attempts. From a trading perspective this has been an excellent pattern as the market continues to bounce off the 1507-04 zone and fail in the 1518.50 to 1515 zone. Given the strength of yesterday’s close in the large cap SP and DJIA one has to wonder if today will be the day to finally break above our resistance. Keep in mind that – TYPICALLY SPEAKING – the Thursday prior to expiration is a one-way street. In other words, the odds are suggesting a choppy morning, followed by a late morning push into the close of trading.

Accordingly, the zone of resistance from 1515 to 1518.50 remains crucial for the session. Any 30 minute close above this zone should be purchased – HOWEVER, if it is early in the session (within the first 2 hours of trading) I will not chase ‘em up. I will try and get long in that zone with some reasonable breathing room for a stop (30 minute close below 1513 would do it for me). IF the index takes off higher and does not allow entry, we should be on the cusp of a strong one-way street rally session. Typically, I would look for a net change greater than one Standard Deviation…now my 8 day reading in STDEV are very small (only a net of +5.50 would take it out) however the 22 day reading is at a more reasonable +10.20. Essentially, if a one-way street develops I would look for the market to trade +10.50 to +1300 on the session or 1528 to 1531 in a zone for exiting longs. Along the way look for some stoppage around the 1525-1526 level, but expect any dips to be shallow.

On the downside, if the market fails to make any inroads above the key resistance zone, one has to play for a move back towards the 1512 to 1510.50 support zone. Below this, look for a choppy move for a trade into the familiar 1507-1504 zone. Only a 30 minute close below this zone will open up the selling door for a move towards 1496. HOEWEVER, much like I wrote yesterday, in this scenario expect lots of chop and spike oriented action.

I have gone a little chart crazy today and have included several that are worth examining. One of the key elements in trading is focusing on what the market is focusing on. Accordingly, I have the resurgent IBM (now 6.5% of the DJIA weighting), the Yen Futures vs. SP futures chart, a possible divergence in the Copper and SP chart as well as potential blow off top move in the long DJIA vs short Russell 2k chart. These charts represent a nice cross section of what has moved the market the past few months.

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